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Experience, quality of technical advice and customer orientation are the qualities, which our customers appreciate the most about us. These qualities, in combination with our superb product quality and dependability regarding delivery, have contributed to our company’s success in the field of fiber-reinforced composites.

Diverse markets and applications and our ultimate goal to be even better, require us to continuously develop our products as well as our internal processes and the FWT Composites & Rolls GmbH as a whole.

The great production depth at FWT Composites & Rolls GmbH allows for flexibility during development and optimization of production processes, which are great benefits for our customers.


Experience – Consulting – Customer Orientation

Contact Persons

Ing. Günther Kautz
Managing Director

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 210

Dipl. Ing. Michael Aichinger
Technical Director

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 238

Petra Eggenbauer
Assistant to the management

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 228

Franz Hudec
Head of Production

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 233

Martin Trimmel
production planning

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 107

Reinhard Koglbauer
Quality Management

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 226

Martin Ruthner
Technical Sales

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 230

Ing. Jakob Schlederer
Technical Sales

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 224

Bernhard Gruber
Customer Service Center

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 225

Manuel Michalko
Customer Service Center

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 216

Christoph Gril
Customer Service Center

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 231

Karin Obermayr
business administration manager

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 217

Elisabeth Kalchgruber

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 222

Birgit Feierabend

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 260

Alexandra Slavik

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 215

Janine Pinezich

T: +43(0)2635/710 17 220

Our History

Founding with 4 employees, 1 winder 4m

Moving to new plant – Work floor 1500 m²

2000 to 2005
Multiple expansion of the production area up to 4000 m2

Research project to develop composite roll covers

73 employees

Construction and commissioning of the rubber coating plant
Expansion of the production area up to 6000 m²

Production and assembly of the world’s largest wind tunnel in Italy, in cooperation with the University of Bologna

Expansion of the machinery
Winner of the Lower Austrian Innovation Award in the category medium and large enterprises for the development of the non-stick coating “CompoClean-L”
Expansion of the production area up to 8000m2

Expansion of the machinery

  • Winding machine – max length 14 m
  • 5th Curing Oven
  • Plasma Spray System – max length 6 m

25th Company anniversary

Our Objectives

Optimized design
Getting the most out of our working materials, adapting the design of our products to the requirements of composites, as well as joining technologies represent the core competences of our company.These core competences allow us to be able to supply the most suitable solution for your requirements.

Production depth
As opposed to many of our competitors, rather than outsourcing production steps we strive for vertical integration. This allows us to be flexible and cost efficient. In addition, we are better able to fulfill our goals: customer satisfaction and compliance with delivery dates.

Efficient machinery
Our machinery is continuously modernized and upgraded in order to provide cost efficient production. Therefore, increasing requirements on production tolerances are not a problem for us. With the proper machinery and processes we are able to satisfy all requirements of the industry.

Highest quality standards
In addition to the quality requirements of our customers, we have our own high standards regarding the quality of each part we produce. Therefore, you can count on all parts undergoing a 100% check to ensure adherence to customer specifications.