Roller Service

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Roller Service

An overview of our services:

  • roller inspection (profile, run out, quality of balance)
  • grinding service
  • journal restoration or exchange
  • dynamic balancing
  • bearing restoration
  • new coatings
  • reparations on site
  • on demand: manufacturing of new rollers.

For your benefit, scheduling for service is kept separate from the regular production scheduling. This allows us to guarantee short lead times for service orders.

Roller Inspection

  • profile measurement incl. documentation of measured values
  • surface inspection incl. photo documentation
  • journal inspection, recording of status as it is
  • crack testing of journals
  • measurement of concentricity
  • measurement of conductivity

Grinding Service

  • incoming inspection of rollers incl. run out, roller profile and surface check
  • roller grinding: cylindrical, cambered, tapered
  • surface finish
  • protocol after grinding

Dynamic Balancing

  • analysis of resonant frequency
  • dynamic balancing in two and three planes
  • recording of the middle displacement (S1-value, 2-f-value), the Bode and Nyquist diagrams, imbalance according to rotational speed, etc.

New Coatings 

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Journal Exchange, Journal Restoration, Bearing Restoration

Damaged journals and worn or broken bearings are always an issue. Therefore, we are specially equipped to be able to supply you within the required lead time.

We offer the following services for journals:

  • recording of journal dimensions
  • creation of new drawings
  • manufacturing of new journals on our own CNC machine
  • exchange of journals without damaging the coating

Our services for bearings:

  • disassembly of bearings
  • cleaning and assembling of new bearings
  • rope pulley manufacturing and assembly
  • modification of manufacturer-specific bearings to standard bearings.


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